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We know that arranging Meetups can be a nervous experience - a bit like a first date - will anyone show up?! So, we've tried to make things a little bit easier...

We've found over 100 venues willing to host your Meetup for free! You don't need to pay to reserve a spot, and you don't need to guarantee a minimum spend.

To find these venues, do your usual venue search from and then select "Free Meetups" using the filter option:

You will then have a list of venues willing to host your Meetup for free!

Choose a venue, and there's a booking form on the right:

Fill in the form and the venue should confirm your booking in 24 to 48 hours.

All we ask is that you and your guests buy some drinks or food whilst you are there; and use the venue responsibly.

Also, please be sensible about when you book - don't expect to reserve half the place on a busy Friday night! Keep your Meetup booking requests to quieter times to guarantee your booking - e.g. Monday evenings.

Good luck with your new Meetup and thank you for using!

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