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Push our button

Push our button!

We're proud to announce our new homepage button. Its not often we share our inner-geek with the world - but we thought you might like this....

We've created a button on our homepage so you can immediately see all venues near you, all at the simple click of a button:

If you're having difficulties using this button, you may need to change your device or browser settings. Often, the first time you use the button on our homepage, your browser will create a pop-up window and ask you for permission - which makes things easy.

However, some mobile devices, iPads, iphones, android phones etc, may require a change in their settings. To do this, go to Settings, and usually under General settings there is an option to allow "Location Services". Switch this on, and you're done!

Here are some tips depending on your device:

  • iPhone: Go to "Settings > Location Services >" - Turn on both Location Services and Safari (scroll down) should both be On
  • iPad: Go to "Settings > Location" - Turn on both "Location Services" and "Safari"
  • : Go to "Settings > Location and security" and either "Use wireless networks" or "Use GPS satellites" should be on


Please play nicely - post helpful comments.