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Wifi - a distant relation of the toilet?

How many of you know the relationship between wi-fi and the dual flush toilet? (We didn't!)

Some of our favourite guesses at Woffee HQ included:

  • Both have a positive effect on the environment
  • You can use both every day
  • If you need one urgently, you can often find it in a public place

But none of these was right...

Before you read the answer, what's your guess? Please let us know by commenting below...we may even send our favourite a prize...(the funnier the better)

The actual answer is: both were invented in Australia.

Wi-Fi was invented by John O'Sullivan in Melborne. And the dual-flush toilet by Bruce Thompson. Thanks to Christopher Cheng and Lindsay Knight (via the BBC) for that piece of trivia!

This is the closest we'll ever come to a bog post...(sorry, couldn't resist).

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