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Woffee.com - the best discount voucher for Christmas shopping?

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Woffee.com - the best discount voucher for Christmas shopping?

Mobile phone operators are set to cash in on the busiest online shopping day of the year today. We estimate they could make as much as £100 million in just 12 hours from your online searching.

Today is the biggest day for online sales in the UK - the first Monday in December. We've just got our November wage slip and feel like we've got a few spare pennies. We also want to make sure any online orders are delivered well in time for December 25th.

We will spend 15 million hours searching online and view 115 million websites in the UK today. And with more and more people are using mobile devices (a phone or tablet) for online searching - it all adds up to a lot of mobile usage and potentially a very big bill.

That's where Woffee would like to help - our listings of free wifi venues can help to reduce your mobile bill.

Even if you're out shopping already, but want to double check the price of an expensive item or read some reviews - then why not pop into your local Woffee shop, grab a coffee, and do some cheap online research in peace.

New to wifi? Read our blog post here to find out more...

Good luck with your shopping!

Our estimate:

  • 115 million online site visits - of which at least 50% is done on a mobile device
  • 5 pages view per average on each website
  • average web page size - 750kb (as most sites are shopping sites - with 10 images per page)
  • Equals 215 million Mb of data (or 215TB)
  • Assuming 50p per MB (network costs vary - and wifi will reduce this)
  • Means a total cost of up to £100 million

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