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What is a wifi hotspot, and how do I get wifi?

What is a wifi hotspot, and how do I get wifi?

A wifi hotspot is a location where you can get access to the internet, through a wireless connection. Often for free.

How does it work?

Someone else will have a physical connection to the internet in the local area. They have shared this connection over the airwaves (like a radio station signal), which you can use to connect to the internet.

How do I get wifi?

Sometimes you may need a password to connect, or you may need to complete some login or registration details. To find out, you need to try to connect first:


  1. Go to "Control Panel" on your computer
  2. Select "Network and Internet"
  3. Click on "Connect to a network"

You will then see a list of networks in the bottom right hand corner of your laptop. Click on one, select "Connect" and follow the instructions.

Apple OSX

  1. Click the Wireless icon in the menu bar (near the clock)
  2. Select "Turn Airport On"
  3. Click the icon once again to view a list of open WiFi networks

In both cases, you may want to ask the staff at the venue you are visiting which wireless network belongs to them and if any passwords are required.

If you don't see any networks, then double check your wireless adaptor is switched on (there may be a physical switch on your laptop or tablet computer).


Sometimes you will have to pay and often the connection will be for free. You will find out when you try to connect - the charges won't be hidden from you so you have nothing to fear.

All of the venues on woffee.com with a score of 4* or higher will offer free wifi - either for a limited time or all day.


Public wifi networks (ones you can connect to whilst on the go) may not always have good security protections. So be careful what you download, and what information you send whilst connected. If you don't know the wifi provider, or its not a trusted source, then we would recommend you don't access private information, such as online banking details etc., when using the wifi hotspot.

If you're new to Wi-Fi, don't worry. Everyone is new to it at least once!

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